Travel With WAC

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, an affiliate of World Affairs Council - Washington, DC, annually offers educational tours, both domestic and abroad. The Philadelphia World Affairs Council trips offer all the highlights of touring, plus access to political leaders and other local experts who give behind the scenes views and briefings that make our trips special and unique. International tours have visited such locations as Vietnam, Egypt, the Netherlands, Morocco, Antarctica, and Cuba.

Day trips have also visited places such as New York, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, offering both substance and fun through activities such as tea at the British Embassy, receiving private briefings at the Pentagon, or visiting special art exhibitions.

Announced trips for 2015 include Iran, the Black Sea, the Danube River, the English countryside, South Africa, Northern Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, the Turquoise Coast, and Cuba.

For more information about Traveling with the World Affairs Council, including the 2015 trip information, please call 215-561-4700 or visit the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia’s website.