Youth Forum Series

Youth Forum (2016)

Nowhere to Go:
Beyond the numbers of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Join us on December 2, 2016 for a Youth Forum on the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has made waves in the news around the world and become a debate of numbers: 4.8 million Syrian refugees, 6.6 million displaced, 29 countries accepting refugees—the United States pledged to take 10,000 refugees. WAC-DC invites you to be a part of this growing dialogue.

Participants will hear from experts in the field to learn about the policies, international response, and personal stories surrounding the global refugee crisis. Participants will then have the chance to take these perspectives and engage in a real-world inspired simulation.

**Students/Parents must acknowledge receipt of a Media Release Contract in order to participate. See the form here. Students should bring the signed form to the Youth Forum on December 2, 2016.**  

Past Youth Forum

WAC-DC and EarthEcho International hosted a Youth Forum on Climate Change on December 8, 2015.

On November 30, 2015, thousands of representatives from the 193 UN member states united in Paris, France with one common interest: Climate Change. The purpose for this meeting is to achieve a universal agreement on climate. Given this monumental conference, WAC-DC invites you to be part of the growing dialogue surrounding this important issue. Join us for a day-long Youth Forum event on climate change.

Participants learned about the issues surrounding climate change and the impact it has on the global community. Students had the unique opportunity to hear from experts and youth leaders in the field.

Additionally, participants had the chance to understand the complex decision making within the international community by engaging in a real-world group simulation.


In anticipation of the first US-Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington, DC, the World Affairs Council-Washington DC launched Teach Africa, a joint education program with the Africa Society.  Hailing from fifteen schools in the metropolitan area, participants engaged in roundtable discussions, simulations, and international conference calls with students from Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa.

Students participated in interactive presentations with
Ambassador Michael Anthony Battle, Senior Advisor
to the African Bureau, Raymond Gilpin, Academic Dean at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, and Yaya
Moussa, President and Chief Executive Officer of KONTINENT, LLC.  Students were also given the opportunity to engage in small group simulations focusing on Ghana, Nigeria, South Sudan, South Africa, and Kenya.  Through the Teach Africa Youth Forum, students strengthened leadership and critical thinking skills, while deepening their knowledge of African affairs.







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Youth Forum on Africa flyer
Youth Forum on Refugees flyer
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